Daniel Ishi

Natural Powerlifter


"As a natural powerlifter nutrition and supplementation are very important. So any time I step under or over the bar in training or competition my head has to be right. Mindset has done just that, as I set my sights on competing on a national stage please believe that Mindset will be in my gym bag at all times."



Derrick Panlilio

NPC Physique Competitor



"I can't tell you how excited I am to have found OnPoint by HALEO. The first jittery, jolty energy boost and crash I ever experienced was by a fat burner.  It truly left a bad taste in my mouth. My days are long, including an 8-10 hour work days, and then on to my training sessions in the evening. So it's really important that my energy levels are consistent. OnPoint is the product that has made those means possible! Not only has it helped me get lean, but it has supported my energy levels with no crash.  I also appreciate the fact that it has several health promoting ingredients, and interestingly enough I have noticed increased stamina in the gym.  OnPoint is safe and effective and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and high quality fat burner free of harsh chemicals, stimulants and dangerous compounds." 



Natalie Panlilio

NPC Bikini Competitor

Full-Time student


"After trying HALEO's Mindset for a full week, I am convinced there is not a better product to be found! I am currently a senior in a full-time nursing program, as well as a wife, friend, and NPC bikini competitor. There are many things that I have to juggle and remember. Before Mindset my attention levels were low, my attention span short, and my memory was lofty. After using Mindset for one week I can honestly say the transformation has been amazing! I am able to focus longer, work harder, and retain more information. I have been able to focus and think so much clearer during class and my memory has improved. Going through 8-12 hour clinical days at the hospital is not easy but with Mindset I have found my focus lasts longer and I am able to better concentrate on my patients. My workouts also have been nothing short of 110% and that feels great, especially when I am so close to show time! I would recommend Mindset to anyone in all walks of life! Moms, dads, career people, students, & athletes! Thank you HALEO for producing such an amazing product!"