I Don't know about you but working out inside a gym can often get boring and monotonous! To keep things fresh and exciting, I have always added quite a bit of variety to my workouts. Whether it be heading out to the track or to a hot yoga class, I believe that change and variety are what keep your body and mind "in the game". Track workouts have always been a huge component to my weekly workout routine but now even more so! As a new mom, I am finding myself heading to the track a lot more often! It is perfect because I can bring my son and we both can enjoy being outside and taking in the fresh air, while I get in a killer full body workout!! With a lot less time to spend on my workouts, the track offers me everything I need to get in both resistance & cardio in 45 minutes max! Check out my Take It To The Track Workout and get yourself (any your baby) out to the track! 







-Jog 2 laps around the track    



-25 yard Walking Lunges down the football field with dumbbells or just body weight


-2 minute rest then lunge 25 yards back


-50 regular crunches, 1 minute plank, 50 bicycle crunches


-Jog 1 lap around the track


-25 yard side lunges, staying low to the ground and breaking only if necessary. 


-2 minute rest then repeat on the other side, returning back to where you started.


-2 minute rest


-20 Bicep Curls with exercise bands


-10 push ups


-20 side lateral raises with exercise bands


-10 push ups


-Jog 1 lap around the track 


-20 Tricep Dips off a bleacher


-20 Jump Squats


-2 25 Yard Sprints


Cool Down with 1 light jog around the track and 5 minutes of stretching.