"We show up, burn brightly in the moment, live passionately and when the moment is over, when our work is done, we step back and let go." ~Rolf Gates

Yoga is to be as unique as YOU are.  Through the breath, the physical body, a concentrated mind and an open heart we find a more authentic way of being ourselves. 

To say simple, yoga has changed my life.  Indeed the awe of the physical practice leading to the spiritual as well as me being able to find a sense of self, and find who I really am. I am now blessed with the opportunity to share the gift, the love & light yoga has given to me to my students – hoping that they see the radiance, the bliss & the sincerity of my beliefs.   

For those of you that already know that post -Savasana bliss feeling I’m preaching to the choir.  For others, you have probably heard about this feeling or state of complete clarity, existence, and eternal ananda bliss but maybe have not experienced it or think it is for “spiritual people” my challenge to you after reading this entry is to just roll out your mat, let yourself be vulnerable & try!