“I’m a jogger, not a runner.” As a running coach I hear this statement from clients weekly. But whoever said to be a runner you need to be a trained athlete who competes in foot races? Or be someone who would rather run with pain than deal with the pain of not running? Anyone & everyone can be a “runner”. Whether this means waking up in the morning knowing that you are going to find time that day to run just like every other day. Or maybe you find a few times a week to hit the pavement, run/walk with your dog in the park, or hit the treadmill on the way home from work. Whether you are slow, fast, run short or long, do hill repeats or like to interval train you ARE a runner.

A few years ago 76-year-old determined Richard showed up at my running clinic at Rancho La Puerta, world renowned 1st ever destination spa where I still work from time to time. He was dressed in long khaki slacks, a golf polo & converse tennies’, the first words out of his mouth were “I USED to be a runner over 60 years ago.” Of course I replied – “You still are!” And I was right – after 45 minutes Richard reconnected to his love for running while I reintroduced the key concepts & breakdown of running form, took him through some drills and Plyo’s and helped him regain his boyish stride from high school.

This following week I had a strong, adamant group of runners whom all showed curiosity and commitment to wanting to eliminate obvious imperfections, improve cadence & become a “lighter runner” whether it be for racing purpose, fitness or fun! Peggy, having run marathons for many years before I was born, became giddy about her new buoyant stride and cheered “next race I will be flexing my knee, heel kicking & feeling weightless & fluid…I can’t wait!” Sharing the simplicity of running form, the 3 main components of leg stride & tips on how to improve, inspire and motivate self to reach personal goals encourages me as a coach making me feel even more energized to hit the pavement day after day!

I the same year I ran my personal best for a half marathon – 1:33. Excited about my PR (personal record), I can honestly say I owe the results to balance within my training. Weight Training, Yoga and cross training really helped my hammys feel strong, but stretched my breath was very controlled. Weekly tempo treadmill runs helped me push past my limits when terrain was tough or I felt breathless. Training tips from old ‘Coach Dean’ gave me a confidence boost and motivation to run a 7:30 min mile. Towards the end of the race I could hear Coach Dean “run your first 10 miles with your head & your last 3 with your heart!”

So, all you have to do is try, find the runner in you. Whether your initial goal be to shed some extra pounds, to help distress or to spend time running with a friend – I honestly believe that running can help not only improve your health but enhance your life. Remember the first time you try anything it isn’t easy – but stay tuned, the runner’s high is not far away – trust me! After 10+ half & full marathons I still dread long run days, but you won’t see me hanging up my sneakers or dry fits shorts anytime soon!



It’s pretty funny to reconnect with people you haven’t seen since your teens and they don’t recognize you. I always have to laugh when they start apologizing because “They called me fat” back in the I have a hit-list of people I intend to get vengeance with. I honestly don’t recall many of those comments nor who made them. 

Frankly, I was very fat for most of my adolescence, so it was more of a fact than an opinion. I just hope those people don’t feel bad about their comments or ruminate on what they said to me. If anything, I should be thanking everyone who did make fun of my size; it was exactly what I needed to take control of my life. Sure, I could have viewed those fat jokes as people “hating” on me, but I chose to use them positively.

Recently, Joey (Rodrigues) made a comical post alluding to “manifest haters” on Facebook that had an underlying truth to it--many people big into health/fitness create illusional enemies. I’ve been fortunate enough to come across some very positive, inspiring individuals in the health/fitness industry and it has totally revamped how I approach my training, diet and overall lifestyle. 

I’ve known Joey for almost three years now and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a negative state-of-mind. This doesn’t mean he hasn’t been through stressful times or had “bad days,” but rather that he chooses not to focus or dwell on negative events that aren’t under his control. 

People seem to focus far too much on negative or demeaning things that surround them, whether it’s a “hater” harassing them or something going wrong in any other aspect of life. If you live this life of manifesting haters and doubters, I implore you take a step back and start focusing on all the positive influences in your life. I can guarantee you for every 1 hater you have, there at least 10+ people that want to see you succeed and be happy. I don’t need studies or surveys to back up that ratio, I just know that anyone who found their way to this blog obviously wouldn’t be here if they had garnered such a hateful following.

 Get over the idea that the gym has to be a place where you go to “prove others wrong” or some other nonsensical, negative garbage. How about going to the gym and being happy that you have the privilege to train, and being happy that you get to go home and eat a healthy meal afterwards? How about being happy you can choose positive over negative? Don’t let hatred run your life; embrace the good and keep chasing your passions.



"We show up, burn brightly in the moment, live passionately and when the moment is over, when our work is done, we step back and let go." ~Rolf Gates

Yoga is to be as unique as YOU are.  Through the breath, the physical body, a concentrated mind and an open heart we find a more authentic way of being ourselves. 

To say simple, yoga has changed my life.  Indeed the awe of the physical practice leading to the spiritual as well as me being able to find a sense of self, and find who I really am. I am now blessed with the opportunity to share the gift, the love & light yoga has given to me to my students – hoping that they see the radiance, the bliss & the sincerity of my beliefs.   

For those of you that already know that post -Savasana bliss feeling I’m preaching to the choir.  For others, you have probably heard about this feeling or state of complete clarity, existence, and eternal ananda bliss but maybe have not experienced it or think it is for “spiritual people” my challenge to you after reading this entry is to just roll out your mat, let yourself be vulnerable & try!

By Joey Rodrigues

I can’t help but get incredibly excited when a new ingredient and or mechanism of action is discovered that can play a pivotal role in all things health, fitness and wellness related. More specifically when it comes to nutrients or dietary supplement ingredients, if it is new and has sound research supporting it, I am all ears and can’t wait to get my hands on it.



That’s exactly the case with our exclusive ingredient IriThin™ comprised of pyrroloquinolone quinone…now that is a tongue twister so we will just refer to it her on out as PQQ.


As you will soon learn, IriThin™ (PQQ) is not only a new ingredient for your health, fitness and wellness pursuits, but it also works on a newly discovered mechanism of action. If you are interested in staying lean and young pay attention.

So What is PQQ?


Completely naturally occurring PQQ is found in a variety of foods with its highest concentrations being found in fermented soy beans. It is also found in kiwi fruit, papaya and green peppers and it is known scientifically speaking as a quinoprotein.

What does it do?


PQQ acts to create new mitochondria in cells (a process referred to as mitochondrial biogenesis).  Mitochondria are the tiny power plants within each cell that convert sugar into energy. Every single one of our cells contains approximately 1000 mitochondria when we are young and by the time we are roughly 50 that number is cut in half. That’s aging for you! As a result of this decline in mitochondria, metabolism slows down, inflammation goes up and we lose muscle mass and increase body fat as get older. By generating new mitochondria PQQ helps to keep metabolism elevated and hold off father time.


Now that is exciting news, but that is not all…

Acting as a cellular messenger PQQ mimics some of the most fundamental effects of exercise – the stuff that lazy people hate to do - ultimately increasing the body’s natural production of the NEWLY discovered exercise mimicking hormone Irisin – named after the Greek goddess Iris, who is frequently mentioned as a divine messenger.

So now we have access to a dietary ingredient that can mimic exercise. That’s very exciting.

Irisin release is in fact one of the most important effects of physical activity, as circulating Irisin levels are negatively correlated with age, insulin, cholesterol, and adiponectin and positively correlated with fat free mass and ghrelin. 

Increasing Irisin levels will increase energy expenditure by increasing lean body mass, increase the ability to burn fat by reducing insulin levels and reduce the risk of overeating by increasing ghrelin levels. That’s some good stuff!

Experts in the fat loss field universally recognize that these effects - associated with increased circulating irisin - provide the energetic basis for safe, effective and sustained fat loss.


So what is the take home message here?


Here are the key facts on IriThin™ (PQQ)


  • PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone)is a normal component of foods, with nutrient and vitamin-like effects.
  • PQQ promotes mitochondrial growth, enhances mitochondrial function, increases antioxidant protection while reducing inflammation and cellular damage.
  • PQQ is also linked to increased production of the newly identified master hormone Irisin.
  • Irisin ‘mimics’ the biological adaptations associated with exercise and is associated with increases in lean body mass and fat oxidation, with reduced body fat and appetite.
  • The benefits of PQQ on mitochondrial function, coupled to an increase in Irisin, muscle mass and fat oxidation; make PQQ the perfect supplement for sports performance and the promote fat burning.


Now just because IriThin™ (PQQ) helps with irisin release and generates new mitochondria – and some scientist are referring to irisin as exercise in a bottle – that is not free license to eat high calorie processed foods. However this is great news at shifting a lot things that may be working against us back in our favor.

Discover for yourself what IriThin™ (PQQ) can do for you. It is available only in HALEO’s OnPoint – The Smart Fat Burner.


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New MINDSET is a nutritional supplement that provides a precise blend of amino acids, vitamins and botanical nutrients that feed and protect the brain.  And it is proven to work.  Wouldn't you like for your supplements to be safe and have real research behind it compared to hypes, gimmicks and proprietary blended formulas?


Below is the abstract of the study comparing MINDSET to Caffeine and a Placebo.  


The Effects of a Multi-Ingredient Cognitive Formula on Alertness, Focus, Motivation, Calmness and Psychomotor Performance in Comparison to Caffeine and Placebo


Kevin A. Shields1, Jeremy E. Silva1, Jacob T. Rauch1, Ryan P. Lowery1, Jacob A. Ormes1, Matthew H. Sharp1, Sean A. McCleary1, John Georges1, Jordan M. Joy1, Ralf Jäger2, Jacob M. Wilson1*


* Corresponding author: Jacob M. Wilson (

1Department of Health Sciences and Human Performance, The University of Tampa, Tampa, FL; 2Increnovo LLC, 2138 E Lafayette Pl, Milwaukee, WI


INTRODUCTION: Most pre-workout supplements are based on the stimulant caffeine, containing anywhere from 100-300 mg of caffeine in a serving. While research has confirmed increased mental focus and acuity from the use of caffeine, stimulant sensitive individuals should assess their tolerance before using pre-workout supplements containing caffeine. Caffeine can have dose-dependent unwanted effects contributing to a nervous or anxious feeling that can keep athletes from staying focused and even sleeping well. Ingredients to increase the synthesis and release of neurotransmitter (Tyrosine, acetyl-L-carnitine, alpha-GPC), and blood flow to the brain (Gingko Biloba), offer neuroprotection (blueberry extract), and improve mental regeneration and reduce metal stress (L-Theanine) might offer a stimulant-free alternative to improve pre-workout cognition. Therefore, the purpose of the current study was to investigate the effects of caffeine and a stimulant-free pre-workout formula on alertness (A), focus (F), calmness (CAL), motivation (MOT), cognition (COG), reaction (R), motor reaction time (MR), memory (MEM) and vertical jump power (VJP). METHODS: Five college-aged males were randomly assigned to consume MindSet (Haleo Inc., San Diego, CA), Caffeine, and a placebo (rice flour) in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, crossover design. After baseline testing, subjects consumed one of the assigned supplements 30 minutes prior to testing. Tests were separated by a 48 hour wash-out period. All subjects participated in a variety of mental aptitude tests, visual reaction tests, and power output measurements. Mental aptitude tests (A, F, CAL, MOT) were measured on an interval scale. COG was measured as serial subtraction test; accounting for improvement in scores from pre and post testing.  RT and MRT were measured through the use of Dynavision, and VJP was measured through Vertical Jump Test via Tendo Unit. RESULTS: Caffeine increased alertness (+19%), focus (+35%), cognition (+26%), memory (+11%), motivation (+10%) and vertical jump power (+1%), however, decreased calmness by 18%. MindSet increased alertness (56%), focus (58%), motivation (43%), cognition (26%), memory (+15%), vertical jump power (3%), and calmness by 6%. CONCLUSION: A stimulant-free multi-ingredient pre-workout formula can be as effective as caffeine in increasing cognitive functioning without the unwanted side-effects. The results of this pilot study should be confirmed in a larger scale study.

Joey Rodrigues explains why VICI was developed and how it can help you maximize your workouts without compromising your health.



Here Is What Supplement Companies Don't Want You To Know!


Life is all about choices. And for those of us that want to improve our physical appearance and health there is NO SECRET.  A dietary supplement will not transform your body composition and health overnight!


You must make a commitment to a lifestyle. Exercise, Nutrition and Supplementation. Mediate. Manifest. Believe and Achieve.


All day, every day - It is a lifestyle!


And life is better when you are healthy, fit and of sound mind, body and spirit.  This is something we can all posses as our birth right.


The problem and or problems that exist regarding nutritional supplements specifically as an industry are many.


As a company I would like to think that at HALEO we are focusing on solutions.



Back to some of the problems the dietary supplement industry possesses.


We have misleading advertising where supplement companies use radical transformations of individuals and tying it specifically to a product.  I must admit we are guilty of this as we have used Before and After pictures to promote products - however having said that, our message has always been and always will be that supplements are just one of the variables to sounder mind, body, soul. 


Also, just to be clear = the before and afters we have used have been of myself and my sister who really use HALEO products and understand the philosophy and soul that is driving this company.


As with all businesses and industries we have supplement companies who are driven solely by a profit margin.  As mentioned it is a business after all however these companies put most of their money into marketing through promoting famous athletes, actors, actresses and individuals who achieved their success having nothing to do with the company they represent. If so and so uses it I will to, etc.. etc... Every single media outlet is flooded with their brand, images and messages.  They understand that if a consumer sees and hears their message enough they are bound to make the sale.  Unfortunately, very little money is put in the product and they tend to be under dosed in the key ingredients.


Then there are the companies that lie and cheat and put illegal drugs in their formulas. We have seen it time and time again. This compromises your health, ability to earn a living, freedoms and so much more and it is flat out unethical.


And let us not forgot PROPRIETARY BLENDS. Please, please, stay away from these products. Don't you want to know what you are putting in your body? What it is, how much is in there and what it does? In order for any nutritional ingredient to work there is a minimum effective dose and for many ingredients there is a LETHAL DOSE.


Let me fill you in on something that most supplement companies don't want you to know... They use proprietary blends so it gives them a marketing edge and leaves plenty of room for profit. Proprietary blends typically contain several, tens, twenties, upwards of thirty ingredients sometimes.


A quick look of the total dose per serving and minimum dose of many of the ingredients with valid properties will show you the product is under dosed. If the minimum effective dose for an ingredient such as Citrulline Malate for example is 6 grams, but the the total serving size of a product is 5 grams and Citrulline Malate is just one of 15 ingredients then clearly you are not getting what you are paying for.


Here is the real trick... Supplement companies love to load there products with "feel" ingredients. Ingredients that have an immediate effect. Ones you can FEEL working. It could be 500 mg of caffeine, high doses of yohimbine or worse man made synthetic chemicals that have no real human safety data. The only thing that matters is you feeling something from it, then surely the product is working and you will be hooked.


I encourage you to do your homework. Know what you are putting in your body. Find out the effective doses of the ingredients. Just because your Fat Burner has you stimulated out of your mind does not make it healthy and does not mean it is targeting body fat. I make mention of this just as an example.


I think we all agree that proper nutrition is the foundation to being fitter and healthier. Proper nutrition does not transform you over night. It is the process of consistency. So remember this with real nutritional supplements and do not look at supplements as a quick fix or over night success. Approach your goals as a lifestyle and remember that by having goals and go after them and taking action progress is inevitable.


So what is Smart about HALEO Supplements.


Here is the HALEO Difference:


• No proprietary blends -Fully disclosed formulas

• Testing for banned substances

• University Tests on specific formulas

• Scientifically supported ingredients and dose

• Vegetarian capsules

• No artificial colors, dyes, chemicals, flavors or sweeteners

• Safety and Efficacy

• A brand driven by passion with a soul


The bottom line here is to educate yourself. Remember you get what you pay for. Organic Food is more expensive than the massed produced chemical stuff for a reason. When dealing with nutritional supplements they should be as pure and natural as possible. Just because something tastes the best, is cheap, your friend is using it, or it is in every magazine does not make it the best.